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Office 365 Governance needs to evolve with user adoption. Chat with Nate Chamberlain

Microsoft Teams Governance 1 min read , January 20, 2019

In episode three of the Stories of Modern Work Podcast, I spoke with Mr Nate Chamberlain from sharepointlibrarian.com talking about the story of Office 365 at LMH Health and Kansas University.

You can listen to the episode here.

Here are some key points we discussed in the episode.

  • Modern Work is meant to empower end users to get their work done with the assistance of modern technologies.
  • How to deal with shadow IT concerns? Don’t restrict users and find out what users want and give it them at the right moment.
  • Be transparent and upfront about the change.
  • Training end users of Office 365 Apps and Services is tricky. - Focus on business solutions and value.
  • Information Architecture should be built to support scalability.
  • Use Intelligent Automation to support Governance.
  • Folder vs Metadata paradigm.
  • Governance Plan is an evolution.
  • Get customer/user feedback early as you build business solutions.
  • Use visual media like Gifs and videos in user education.
  • Change Management for Office 365 Administrators to manage system changes and updates to Office 365 tenant.

Nate, Thanks for coming on the podcast and sharing your thoughts and experiences about Modern Work.

Here are some links to the resources mentioned in the podcast.


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The ABCs of SharePoint book

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