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Employee Training Request Form | Microsoft Forms Template

Resources 1 min read , October 25, 2021
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About the Microsoft Forms Template

Use the free Microsoft Forms Template to automate and track Employee Training Requests in your organisation.

A training request form is completed by an employee to request new training required to stay up to date and continue to provide best value services to your organisation. It can help organisations to increase employee skill sets, groom them for a new role or additional responsibilities and to motivate them for future endeavours. These forms are often submitted to the line manager or human resources who will review and approve the request.

It can either be a request for an external training or internal training depending on the subject matter that the person who made the request want to tap, and its impact to the company and its operations. It may also be requested to ask for additional training that may not be related to the work functions of the employee but are essential to emergency responses, safety procedures, and application of different learning programs that will help in the growth of the company in different areas.

Employee Training Request Form

Create a free Employee Training Request Form in minutes with our form templates.

Access the free Microsoft Forms template on Modern Work Group’s website here.

Why you use Employee Training Request Form?

Here are three reasons why you should automate and track employee training requests in your organisation.

  • Ease & convenient for employees especially remotely located to request the concerned head about the kind of training they need to have.
  • Saves time for managers/trainers
  • Ease to track & integrate into HRIS and Learning and Development systems

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