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How to give personality to your Office 365 platform with a simple trick

Personalised Intranet 1 min read , November 18, 2019

Today I have come across an interesting question on Quora on how to personalise SharePoint. This topic has been on my mind for a little while now on how to make the entire Office 365 platform personalised to the business user.

In the past, using SharePoint server products, we have heavily customised the user interface to match with business branding and even in many instances have named the SharePoint Intranet sites. In the cloud, personalising your Office 365 apps and services is slightly tricky and it is advised not to use heavy customisation to modify the look and feel. In this post, let's look at how you can personalise Office 365 platform for your users in a simple step.

Use the custom logo option to give personality to your Modern Workplace platform.

The ability to show a custom logo in Office 365 has been there for a while now. However, we have seen many times where it is not used to give an identity to the Modern Workplace platform itself. Businesses have used this option to highlight their existing logo and link back to the root of the Intranet. However, at Modern Work we suggest using this option to give some personality to the Office 365 platform. In our instance, we named our demo Office 365 platform as Modern Work Hub and created a special logo with dimensions 200 x 30 px and a transparent background.

Now we used this logo as the custom logo for the entire demo Office 365 platform. Here is how our demo tenant looks with its own identity. 😎

Here is the official Microsoft support article on how-to setup the custom logo in your Office 365 tenant and some best practices on using custom look and feel.


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